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Air cleaning units for education and childcare settings

Based on your answers, we think you should use the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework.

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What it offers

You can buy HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtration air cleaning units through this framework that meets a suitable standard of specification for use in education settings.

You will need to assess whether an air cleaning unit is suitable for your individual setting.


  • available for all state-funded primary and secondary schools, further education colleges and early years settings
  • access to a range of specific guidance documents and templates

How to buy units that are fit for purpose

Download a HEPA air cleaning unit technical specification. This gives you the minimum recommended specification for air cleaning units in education and childcare settings.

Go to the Crown Commercial Service’s website using the link below and read the How to buy section. Air cleaners can be bought using Lot 3: electrical products.

Compare our specification against any air cleaning units you're considering to ensure it’s fit for purpose.

All frameworks also offer:

  • compliance with the relevant procurement regulations
  • suppliers pre-checked by the approved framework provider
  • pre-agreed terms and conditions
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