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Catering services

We think you should use the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) framework.

What it offers

This framework covers the provision of catering services to all education establishments. It also covers ‘holiday food programmes’ for those looking to provide meals meeting the School Meal Standards during holiday periods.

It offers flexible catering provisions, such as:

  • dining room and canteen style services
  • grab and go
  • breakfast
  • after school clubs, and
  • special events

In addition, it covers a range of service models including onsite or offsite preparation, service and consumption.


  • all geographical regions are covered
  • free user guides and templates which are designed to enable schools to specify their bespoke solution and achieve value for money
  • service providers can provide assistance with reducing costs, marketing, and maximising the meal uptake

All frameworks also offer:

  • compliance with the relevant procurement regulations
  • suppliers pre-checked by the approved framework provider
  • pre-agreed terms and conditions
Visit the ESPO website
If this framework agreement does not match your needs, or you need advice during your procurement, get free help and support from the Get help buying for schools service.