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The Schools Commercial Team (SCT) within DfE reviews a range of frameworks. These frameworks are assessed for compliance with procurement regulations, ease of use, suitability and value for money. Feedback from schools is also considered when selecting frameworks.

SCT continues to review and add to the list of recommended frameworks.

Books, stationery and education supplies

Books for schools

Supporting education establishments whether buying a single book, setting up a reading corner or re-stocking a school library. Fiction and curriculum books, reference materials, handbooks and manuals available via this deal.

Expires: 03/11/2022

Library resources

Includes the provision of books, e-books, journals/ periodicals, e-journals, audio books, audio summary, library discovery and associated services split into 4 lots with 12 suppliers. Curriculum books are also available via this deal.

Expires: 08/10/2023

Office supplies

Supporting education establishments with office equipment such as stationery, paper, fax machines, ink and printer cartridges, janitorial products and ergonomic equipment.

Expires: 05/04/2024

Consultancy services

Specialist professional services

Specifically designed for the procurement of specialist professional services by the public sector covering a range of spend areas, including facilities management, catering, construction, environment, sustainability, waste, ICT and education consultancy. Extensive experience within the local authority and school sector.

Expires: 30/11/2023

Energy and utilities

Liquid fuels

Supporting education establishments with provision of heating oil (also referred to as gas oil or red diesel), kerosene, road fuels including unleaded petrol and diesel and ancillary services.

Expires: 21/11/2023

Supply of energy and ancillary services

Supporting education establishments with supply of electricity and gas, including billing, administration, customer service and where required, ancillary services.

Expires: 01/10/2023

Utilities supplies and services

Designed specifically for the education sector, this is an easy to use and simplified route to buy electricity and gas to suit your schools specific needs, with value added services including bill validation at no extra cost.

Expires: 22/10/2022

Water, wastewater and ancillary services

Supporting education establishments with high quality services and water efficiency savings from a single supplier for the provision of water, wastewater and ancillary services.

Expires: 26/10/2024

Water, wastewater and ancillary services 2

A single national deal covering water supply, waste water removal (sewerage) and ancillary services that reduce water consumption and make usage more efficient and supply more resilient.

Expires: 30/11/2024

Facilities management and estates

Air cleaning units for education and childcare settings

Suppliers providing HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtration air cleaning units that meet a suitable standard of specification for use in education settings.

Expires: 26/07/2025

Building cleaning services

Providers of building cleaning services including: janitorial services, periodic cleaning, high-level cleaning and window cleaning.

Expires: 20/05/2023

Building in use - support services

A framework providing catering, cleaning and caretaking, security and reception, CCTV (inclusive of remote monitoring), car park management, mobile patrols and key holding, food hygiene inspection, waste management. There's also a 'whole house' option to accommodate all or several of these. This is a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) open to, and suitable for both national and regional suppliers throughout its entire duration.

Expires: 31/07/2025

Commercial catering equipment

Supporting education establishments with a route to purchase or hire a large range of commercial catering equipment and associated services, including catering equipment, maintenance response services and kitchen design services.

Expires: 31/03/2024

Construction consultancy services

Covers construction consulting services for traditional design build, new build projects, and refurbishment projects. There are 12 lots for building services, including; architectural services, project management and principal designer services.

Expires: 31/03/2023

DFE furniture

A DfE framework that provides a compliant solution for school furniture. Use it to buy loose and fitted furniture or bleacher seating from DfE approved suppliers, and have it delivered and installed.

Expires: 01/03/2024

Facilities management (FM) marketplace

UK-wide facilities management (FM) services; includes building and grounds maintenance, cleaning, catering, security, helpdesk, horticultural, reception, and waste services.

Expires: 09/04/2023

Heating systems and renewable technology

Supporting education establishments with their heating requirements, offering a range of services from consultancy to design, servicing, maintenance and installation plus a selection of renewable technology applications.

Expires: 28/01/2024

Internal fit-out and maintenance

Supporting education establishments with the provision of building services once a building is constructed to enable on-going maintenance, extension and refurbishment for schools. This framework is suitable for smaller ad-hoc service requirements and also for a more long-term service project.

Expires: 24/03/2026

Synthetic sports facilities

Supporting education establishments with alternatives to traditional grass sports fields. Covers the construction, installation, refurbishment, servicing and maintenance for all external sports facilities.

Expires: 16/02/2023


Audit services

Audit service deal tailored for academies and schools.

Expires: 04/12/2023

Insurance and related services for public sector schools

Provision of commercial insurance for schools.

Expires: 06/09/2024

Risk protection arrangement – alternative to commercial insurance

An alternative to commercial insurance, underwritten by the government. Opt in immediately or up to 12 months in advance.

Schools leasing framework

A framework agreement that allows schools to source and cost their own suppliers and relevant ICT and reprographic equipment, with the advantage of being able to arrange the leasing agreement separately.

Expires: 04/02/2023

Staff absence protection and reimbursement

Supporting education establishments with a simple and compliant way to buy staff absence insurance and reimbursement policies. Offering a solution to any staff absence requirement ensuring you are financially supported when staff sickness or absence occurs.

Expires: 23/05/2024


Audio visual solutions

Supporting education establishments with the provision of a full range of audio visual (AV) and interactive solutions, associated services, support and maintenance.

Expires: 31/05/2024

Cyber security services 3

Supporting education establishments with access to a wide range of cyber security products including consultancy advice, penetration testing, incident management and data destruction that have been accredited by the National Cyber Security Centre.

Expires: 13/02/2023

Digital marketplace (G-Cloud 12)

Cloud computing services covering hosting, software and cloud support. Choose and purchase cloud computing services from 4,750 suppliers covering infrastructure, platform, software and specialist cloud services. Direct Award available.

Expires: 09/11/2022

Education technology

A single route for schools to buy ICT goods and services through one agreement.

Expires: 09/06/2023

Everything ICT

Supporting education establishments to buy the right ICT including hardware, software, connectivity, infrastructure and cloud services.

Expires: 18/11/2023

ICT networking and storage solutions

Designed for the education sector, this framework offers on-premise IT and network infrastructure solutions, cloud and hybrid cloud solutions and consultancy services where a solution is yet to be defined.

Expires: 30/04/2023

Multifunctional devices and digital transformation solutions

Supporting education establishments with a straightforward way to buy or lease branded machines and technologies from small desktop units to high volume devices which print, scan and copy.

Expires: 25/04/2023

Network connectivity and telecommunication solution

Supporting education establishments with provision of network connectivity and telecommunications solutions. Delivering standalone, or full-service solutions using technologies that are currently available and those which will evolve throughout the lifetime of the agreement.

Expires: 30/09/2024

Print marketplace

Supporting education establishments with access to compare and buy printed material, including textbooks, newsletters and small direct mail needs in a few quick steps. An intuitive online tool and live chat functionality means a print expert is available to help.

Expires: 14/06/2024

Legal services

This framework has been developed for the education sector to provide a comprehensive set of services, this includes: converting to an academy, HR and employment law, property and land law, commercial related matters, dispute resolution and litigation and legal services for education.

Expires: 31/05/2025

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning

Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation online catalogue

Access to a wide range of personal protective equipment (PPE) and items that can be ordered from an online catalogue.

Expires: 31/07/2023

North East Purchasing Organisation online catalogue

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and items from an online catalogue.

Expires: 31/07/2023

Safer working supplies

Includes a wide range of items for safer working that may be needed to ensure the safety of users and staff. For public and third sector only.

Expires: 31/07/2023

Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation online catalogue

Access to items including masks, sanitisers, and cleaning products from an online catalogue.

Expires: 31/07/2023

Recruitment, HR and training

National professional qualification (NPQ) framework

Supporting education establishments with access to quality assured national professional qualifications training and support for school teachers and leaders.

Expires: 29/03/2025

Supply teachers and temporary staffing (STaTS)

Suppliers available for hiring of all temporary and fixed term teaching and non-teaching staff for schools, colleges or other educational establishments within the public sector such as an academy, trust, nursery, pupil referral unit, children centre or further education institution, across the UK. Independent schools (for-profit) are not able to access the deal.

Expires: 04/07/2025


Transport services – taxi and coaches

Supporting education establishments with a choice of national and regional passenger transport solutions with contracts to suit your specific requirements.

Expires: 28/03/2023

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