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The Schools Commercial Team (SCT) within DfE reviews a range of frameworks. These frameworks are assessed for compliance with procurement regulations, ease of use, suitability and value for money. Feedback from schools is also considered when selecting frameworks.

SCT continues to review and add to the list of recommended frameworks.

Books and related materials

Books for schools

Supporting education establishments whether buying a single book, setting up a reading corner or re-stocking a school library. Fiction and curriculum books, reference materials, handbooks and manuals available via this deal.

Expires: 03/11/2022

Library resources

Includes the provision of books, e-books, journals/ periodicals, e-journals, audio books, audio summary, library discovery and associated services split into 4 lots with 12 suppliers. Curriculum books are also available via this deal.

Expires: 08/10/2022

Consultancy services

Specialist professional services

Specifically designed for the procurement of specialist professional services by the public sector covering a range of spend areas, including facilities management, catering, construction, environment, sustainability, waste, ICT and education consultancy. Extensive experience within the local authority and school sector.

Expires: 30/11/2023

Energy and utilities

Electricity (half hourly, non-half hourly and unmetered)

Provision of electricity, including half hourly, non-half hourly and unmetered supply. Provides additional support and associated services including demand side response, energy storage, electric vehicle charging, energy efficiency surveys and power purchase agreements.

Expires: 31/03/2023

Firms mains gas

A framework agreement for firm mains gas supplied through the National Grid. Online account information and additional support and associated services also available.

Expires: 01/04/2021

Interest-free loans to fund energy saving schemes

All maintained schools, academies, free schools and sixth form colleges can get interest-free loans to fund over 100 different technologies such as LED lighting, boiler replacements and insulation. Loans are designed to reduce your energy bills and have no upfront costs.

School Switch

A simple way to switch energy suppliers online. Get instant quotes based on your school’s energy needs.

Supply of energy and ancillary services

Supporting education establishments with supply of electricity and gas, including billing, administration, customer service and where required, ancillary services.

Expires: 01/10/2023

Water, wastewater and ancillary services 2

A single national deal covering water supply, waste water removal (sewerage) and ancillary services that reduce water consumption and make usage more efficient and supply more resilient.

Expires: 30/11/2024

Facilities management and estates

Building cleaning services

Providers of building cleaning services including: janitorial services, periodic cleaning, high-level cleaning and window cleaning.

Expires: 20/05/2021

Construction consultancy services

Covers construction consulting services for traditional design build, new build projects, and refurbishment projects. There are 12 lots for building services, including; architectural services, project management and principal designer services.

Expires: 31/03/2022

DFE furniture

A DfE framework that provides a compliant solution for school furniture. Use it to buy loose and fitted furniture or bleacher seating from DfE approved suppliers, and have it delivered and installed.

Expires: 01/03/2024

Facilities management (FM) marketplace

UK-wide facilities management (FM) services; includes building and grounds maintenance, cleaning, catering, security, helpdesk, horticultural, reception, and waste services.

Expires: 09/07/2022

Heating systems and renewable technology

Supporting education establishments with their heating requirements, offering a range of services from consultancy to design, servicing, maintenance and installation plus a selection of renewable technology applications.

Expires: 28/01/2024

Removal, relocation and additional services

Regional suppliers covering all aspects of removal and relocation services including: office and classroom equipment and specialised relocations (laboratories, art and IT equipment), overseas removals, crate hire and archiving.

Expires: 31/10/2021


Audit services

Audit service deal tailored for academies and schools.

Expires: 04/12/2023

Insurance and related services for public sector schools

Provision of commercial insurance for schools.

Expires: 06/09/2022

Leasing services

This framework agreement for leasing services offers a range of leases to members across the education sector, particularly schools, colleges and academies. Members can access 9 leasing suppliers across 3 separate lots, offering a range of leasing products for equipment, technology and vehicles.

Expires: 17/09/2021

Risk protection arrangement – alternative to commercial insurance

An alternative to commercial insurance, underwritten by the government. Opt in immediately or up to 12 months in advance.

Schools leasing framework

A framework agreement that allows schools to source and cost their own suppliers and relevant ICT and reprographic equipment, with the advantage of being able to arrange the leasing agreement separately.

Expires: 04/08/2022

Spend analysis and recovery services

Services to help schools identify and recover supplier overpayments, overcharges or missed discounts and rebates.

Expires: 15/01/2022

Staff absence insurance and associated cover

Supporting education establishments with a simple and compliant solution to all staff absence insurance needs.

Expires: 02/05/2021

Staff absence protection

This is a specialist service provided by a mutual organisation. It's designed to provide an alternative to commercial staff absence providers. It offers protection for any combination of teaching, non-teaching, support and site staff with flexible policy benefits.


Audio visual solutions

Supporting education establishments with the provision of a full range of audio visual (AV) and interactive solutions, associated services, support and maintenance.

Expires: 08/08/2021

Digital marketplace (G-Cloud 12)

Cloud computing services covering hosting, software and cloud support. Choose and purchase cloud computing services from 4,750 suppliers covering infrastructure, platform, software and specialist cloud services. Direct Award available.

Expires: 27/09/2021

Education technology

A single route for schools to buy ICT goods and services through one agreement.

Expires: 06/10/2022

ICT hardware and peripherals equipment

Supporting education establishments with the supply and delivery of ICT hardware and provision of support services.

Expires: 30/06/2022

ICT solutions and supply network infrastructure

Deals for a range of networking equipment and support services.

Expires: 31/03/2021

ICT, cloud, support and related services

Educational cloud services specifically designed for the needs of schools, academies and other learning centres.

Expires: 08/01/2022

Multi-functional devices (MFD) and associated print services and supplies

Photocopiers, printers and scanners (multi-functional devices, MFDs) that includes all types of managed print services.

Expires: 18/06/2021

Multifunctional Devices, Managed Print and Content Services and Records and Information Management

Deal for all schools and publicly funded institutions to purchase photocopiers, printers and scanners (multi-functional devices, MFDs) at a nationally negotiated rate.

Expires: 25/10/2021

Photocopiers, printers and scanners with toners included

Photocopiers, printers and scanners (multi-functional devices, MFDs) from a range of suppliers including Sharp, Konica, Annodata (Kyocera) and Ricoh.

Software licenses and associated services for academies and schools

Software licenses and associated supporting services.

Expires: 08/08/2021

Legal services

Legal services includes: estates professional services, facilities management services, building materials, modular, academy conversion and post conversion.

Expires: 01/04/2021

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning

Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation online catalogue

Access to a wide range of Covid-19 related items that can be ordered from an online catalogue.

Expires: 01/04/2021

North East Purchasing Organisation online catalogue

Covid-19 related items from an online catalogue.

Expires: 01/04/2021

Safer working supplies

Includes a wide range of items for safer working that may be needed to ensure the safety of users and staff. For public and third sector only.

Expires: 01/04/2021

Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation online catalogue

Covid-19 related items including masks, sanitisers, and cleaning products from an online catalogue.

Expires: 01/04/2021

Recruitment and HR

Employee screening services

Comprehensive service covering all employee screening service requirements.

Expires: 05/11/2021

Hiring supply teachers and agency workers

Suppliers available for hiring of all temporary and fixed term teaching and non-teaching staff for schools, colleges or other educational establishments within the public sector such as an academy, trust, nursery, pupil referral unit, children centre or further education institution, across the UK. Independent schools (for-profit) are not able to access the deal.

Expires: 29/08/2022

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